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Greetings to you!!

There’s is a moment that comes in all our lives when we have to take a big step to unveil who we really were, so we can see who we really are

It feels so urgent in your souls, such that, all you want to do is to cover – up more. What I have learnt in my journey of life is that the more you discover….intently discover who you really are; the greater chance it gets, in that you will create a life full of purpose and love.

Shift exists because we believe in the worth, the unique gifts and the deep, creative genius in each and every person - that when the light of appreciation and recognition penetrates a state of ambivalence and mediocrity then authority is given and received to break free into living a life of unparalleled success.

As your coach it is my hope that you will look at your business, life, marriage, career to make few decisions for directive change… and I will give you the tools.

Things can no longer stay as they are. There is always more.

“What got us here, will not take us there”





Shift exists to fulfil Personal, Business and leadership growth solutions. We incorporate effective Consciousness coaching skills, tools and techniques to develop deep awareness and ensure positive coaching outcomes.

We embarked on this journey because we are called to do so and nothing gives us more meaning than helping our clients achieve their best lives ever.







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