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Coaching focus may include;

Life/Career Transitions: 


  • Are you going through a transition? (E.g. job loss, business start-up, relationship, health challenge, preparing for meaningful retirement, and building a professional brand.) These kinds of transitions can be quite challenging if you try to go them alone. They can leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and even a bit lost. Our career and interests may be changing and with that relationships in our life. Our life vision can also change over time and what was once clear now becomes difficult to clarify and articulate, yet alone make real.
  • Transition coaching will help you become more comfortable with the process of transition and the feelings of uncertainty, fear, and anxiety. Our work together will help ease you through those feelings of uncertainty and resistance to regain focus and direction. You WILL find yourself moving forward with excitement to achieve your goals and dreams!
  • Transitions can be confronting and involve letting go of familiar ways while moving toward a life that is unknown and uncertain. Doubts and fears can creep in and cause you to lose perspective very quickly. This is when people tend to stop moving forward in their life.
  • Transitions don't have to be overwhelming. They can offer you the gift of becoming clearer about what you really want in life. A chance to re-ignite your passion and purpose to create a meaningful and fulfilling life. They can also become powerful learning opportunities to springboard into what's next for you!
  • Coping with disruptive change: Topics such as understanding the human response to change, taking care of self during change, leading others through change, preparing for difficult conversations/meetings/presentations, and debriefing of tough experiences.
  • Emotional intelligence: Assessment of emotional intelligence leads to the identification of the specific emotional intelligence competencies that need development and developing ways to experiment with new behaviours for different results.

Leadership Transformation / Leadership Development


  • Are you the most effective, confident leader you can be? Do you sense it's time to focus on strengthen your leadership skills?
  • Stepping fully into one's power as a leader can be difficult and intimidating. People are often hesitant to fully embrace their role as a leader - whether that is in the business place or in their own community.
  • Being an effective, powerful leader requires more than a basic competency in management. Whether you work for someone else or for yourself, leadership requires courage to trust your voice, an awareness of self, effective language skills, managing moods and emotions, the ability to physically show up as a leader, and the willingness to be a role model.
  • The ability to communicate effectively and build relationships is more substantial than self-management, decisiveness, or technical ability. A key to organizational and individual success is ones ability to understand, relate and communicate with people to facilitate results.
  • Leadership Development coaching integrates wisdom building with professional skill building. This comprehensive, highly effective approach allows you to identify and expand leadership strengths and awareness, develop effective communication habits, team building and goal setting, enhance presence and impact for generating innovative solutions and breakthrough results, manage multiple commitments and competing demands, all in a style that feels comfortable for YOU.
  • Out of our work together, you WILL have the ability to empower and lead yourself and others to bring about fundamental change and results in your organization! Topics such as identifying individual leadership style, creating a leadership presence, visioning, articulating the vision, building interdependencies, and motivating/activating people.

Personal mastery and/ Life enhancement:


  • Topics such as life skills, life balance, finding personal authority and internal security, personal branding, life purpose, and self-actualisation. Has your life lost its 'zing'? Does it feel like you're going through the motions as if on autopilot? It's easy to allow life to become stagnant and repetitive. Before we know it, we can find ourselves out of touch with our passion and aliveness. Life becomes about limitations, not possibilities.
  • When we envision a seamlessly integrated life and profession the possibilities are endless; yet, this is often where we get overwhelmed.
  • Life Enhancement coaching will provide the clarity you need to create a life you love! Together we will explore your vision, your passion, your purpose, your needs and priorities, all with the intent of connecting you once again with what truly inspires you and is meaningful for YOU! From there, we'll co-create a road map for your ideas and possibilities to become reality. You WILL have the life of your dreams!

Business Success / Entrepreneurial Success

  • Do you struggle with growing your business or feeling stable in your business? Do you dream of starting a new business? When you choose to no longer work for someone else, you make a very strong statement about who you are and how you want to live your life. This can be a very nerve-wracking venture, especially for the inexperienced.
  • Running profitable business these days requires a clear focus, innovative ideas and marketing solutions that attract your ideal customers to your service or product. What's required to create that is easy to follow business building practices and processes that effectively utilize your time.
  • Mind-set is the cornerstone of your success! 8 out of 10 businesses today never get off the ground fully because people get stopped by limiting beliefs about what's possible for them, their business and their success.  You CAN breakthrough these barriers to realize true success and prosperity!
  • Business Coaching provides you the structure, support and systems expertise to create a successful and highly profitable business while transforming the mindset vital to achieving your goals.  An inner and outer approach is the ONLY truly effective methodology for conscious business success!
  • Out of our time together, you WILL learn how to leverage your mind and energy to attract the success you desire, while learning the practicalities of growing and managing a profitable business.

Congregation and Non-Profit organisations:


  • Congregational Coaching provides an on-going relationship between key leaders, staff and congregation and their coach. The intent is to help move leaders and congregation forward in faith and effectiveness.
    • Church leadership desires: To be really clear about who and how God designed their members to be?
    • To be in control and manage the impact of their congregation to the community if those involved in the congregation were intentional about how God has gifted them, where their passions lie, and what they could do to leverage those gifts and passion for the betterment of their community and church at large?
  • Congregational coaching is for you if:
    • Leadership is facing a steep learning curve in order to move the congregation forward.
    • Need support and guidance for Pastor/ CEO and staff who need accountability and guidance through the process
    • Congregations need to move beyond a "stuck place" due to community transitions, leadership void, overwhelmed leadership etc.
    • Congregations desire to rethink their function and forms in light of a rapidly changing culture in their communities and country.
    • Desire to create a Plan and Actions Steps for Continuous Improvement

Team coaching: 

  • Team coaching is offered for permanent and temporary teams who need to develop their collaboration, find synergy and make their work more effective. I work with the team to determine the desired outcomes of the coaching programme. I will challenge and support the team; and facilitate process interventions to achieve the following:
    • Help the team to get to know, understand and embrace each other better;
    • Help the team to see their own behaviours and understand their own dynamics, both in terms of enablement and impairment;
    • Help the team to co-create team governance and implement it; and
    • Develop authentic team relationships with open feedback and communication, and healthy team dynamics.

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