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Your past should make you laugh

Lindroo will ensure that your event is not just successful, but creates positive, lifelong results.

For years, she has used laughter, creativity, and interactive participation to lead her audiences toward exponential growth.

Lindroo most requested topics

  • What do I have to offer? to get to what I want
  • Digging on the basket that influence my love choices
  • Life and love I want
  • Running away from arsenal of victimhood.
  • Being great full and giving love
  • Stretching myself, to reach my full capacity
  • Every Monday has a new context!


Lindroo is an insightful speaker who can take any theme and turn it into an unforgettable message of motivation.

Lindroo understands transformation occurs when people change their mindsets and increase their capacity. When we think our potential cannot go beyond a puddle, we must challenge that mindset to fold, and realize that our potential can fill an ocean! Lindroo will propel the audience to expand their vision to see the endless reality of their full capabilities.

Whether you wish her to use one of her own topics, or to create a new topic according to your desired theme, Lindroo will challenge and inspire the audience to seek greatness.

Special consideration of Speaker Engagement Fees is provided for non-profit organizations.

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