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Linroo the Coach



When you're looking for a Coach to guide you to make significant change, it seems like there are a lot of choices these days, yes?

I invite you to keep reading to learn how I am different and to see what resonates for YOU...

 Who is Lindelwa, fondly called Lindroo,

Wife, Mother, Life Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Developer of Dreams, Branding Expert, Business Strategist, People Person, Introvert, Love to Laugh, Believer of Dreams, Great with Words, Always Growing and Learning, Intuitive, Determined to Live a life of Divine Service and Challenging others to do the same, Creative, Able to make Everything from Nothing, Unconventional in her approach to Life, inventor of my best in me journey, Extremely Optimistic!

How I work:

I believe you are already whole and complete. You are not broken and you do not need 'fixing'. The fundamental issue we face as humans is not one of being permanently flawed, but one of learning. In our culture and educational systems rational, cognitive thinking has reigned supreme. We did not, however, learn Ways of “Being” that set a context for us to produce the results we want nor how important the roles of language, emotions and the body are for generating results in life.


I believe in operating with the highest level of integrity. I personally had AMAZING results in each of the areas in which I specialize. I don't work with just theory - I work with a hands-on approach that is flexible, personalized and proven to work. I am a woman who walks her talk!

I work from curiosity not judgment. I meet you where you are and provide you what you need, not what I can sell you. I co-create with you, I don't offer slick prescriptions. I offer commitment not lip service. I believe new learning gives us access to a greater power to attract whatever we want in life (Law of Attraction) and integrate these principles into my coaching.

I am focused and committed to helping you achieve exactly what you want. I approach coaching as a partnership with you. I value your time and money and aim to give you double your value in every session. I am available between sessions if needed.

I am open and straight forward. I take your challenges and goals seriously. I use my intuition to 'see' what you can't, and hear what you usually don't say. I keep myself in top coaching form by continually learning and developing my coaching craft and I am affiliated to a number of coaching organisations globally. My commitment is to equip YOU with the resources and tools you need for sustainable change and measurable results.

I've been successful in helping people make major shifts around a challenge or opportunity by causing new choices and possibilities to come into view. I will encourage you to explore your fears and excuses and transform them in order for you to access action. During our sessions we will rapidly pinpoint what is really getting in your way. You will be asked to stretch outside your comfort zone and practice new behaviours and skills. Be ready to expand your view of yourself and the world beyond anything you previously thought possible.

I will get to know you and your circumstances personally. I listen to you: what's important to you and what your priorities are. I listen to what challenges you are facing and how you want things to be different. We work to implement relevant and 'do-able' strategies that will serve you. Together, we design action plans that produce the results without the struggle.

Our Coaching conversations will be inspiring, uplifting, and an enjoyable place to energize along the way. I believe coaching is meant to be a meaningful, but not a burdensome, process. I endeavour to keep it light for you. I am committed to us having fun while achieving the results you want.

Assignments between calls are designed to deepen your awareness and help you practice new skills, which is vital to making shifts in your life.

Today, Lindroo shares with people across the nation how to live a life that leads them to the best version of themselves. The Best in me journey.

She wants to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to design the life and business of their dreams by offering opportunities to co-create their skills, offer new products, speak about new ideas and expand relationships from a platform of service.

How I got to the Best in me journey

I lived a life without connection. I covered up who I was for the sake of having people like whom I thought they wanted me to be, in some cases I conformed to their principles. I began rediscovering who I was. The more the “new” me was being revealed, the more I didn’t like the covered up me. I wanted to be alive, I wanted to be real, I wanted to be happy and I wanted to find myself. I wanted to unleash the best things within me. When I finally saw Lindroo… she was raw, invincible, courageous, bold… the best.

It was evident I had been hiding and I needed to get acquainted with this new me.

I started hiring help… expensive help. I developed myself by way of coaching, reading every book I could find, psychotherapy, mentoring, dream casting, journaling, prayer, meditation, business development and branding. I immersed myself in the process of fixing everything that hurt at the core of me with openness for dramatic change.

I persuaded studies without judging my choices ( can’t believe I studied up to Masters level,  while ignoring my passions);  to grow my spirit and I forced myself to stand in places only my dreams could hold. I gained confidence to rule the world and my life.

I created a family, business, and life I love. One that I was not struggling to hold together with glue, but one that had actually been built strong and beautiful. The pain gave me compassion. Making the rest of my life, the best of my life saved me.

To this day… I still am discovering something new! 


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My clients consistently achieve unimaginable results. You can, too!







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